How Bestsellers Killed the Classics


The average American will watch approximately 20 years of television in his or her life. What would you do with that time if you could get it all back? Reading books, and especially classical books, is a much better use of time, since books to not leave readers empty-handed at the end of the story (like most television shows and movies do). Classical books in particular offer a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that leave us feeling enriched. According to Merriam Webster, “a classic is a work of enduring excellence.” Classics have stood the test of time, and these precious books teach us values that are just as indispensible today as they were in the past. Read this short eBook for heaps of inspiration to read the Classics of the world.


  • Illustrative photographs
  • Comparison of best sellers/classics
  • Movies versus books
  • Why it is important to read classical books




In this 8-page eBook, Victoria Boutenko expounds on her position on reading classical books. Victoria compares bestselling books and movies with classical books, and leaves no stone unturned in her exploration of this subject. Download this eBook for a delightful dose of inspiration and get motivated to check some classical books off your reading list!

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