In Defense of the Ego


In this 10-page eBook, Valya Boutenko shares her unique experience of working with the ego until it dissolved. Valya writes in depth about her life in the absence of the ego, and how she came to deeply appreciate this bothersome feature of the human brain.


    • Valya’s detailed account of dissolving her ego
    • Whether or not nature made a mistake by giving humans an ego
    • What is the purpose of the ego?
    • How to manage the ego in a healthy way


It is a common idea that spirituality or enlightenment is marked by a distinct absence of ego. We think of spiritual leaders as selfless individuals who are free of the binding grip of their identity, but does the ego have a purpose? What is the ego for, and is overcoming it really a good idea? These questions and more are answered in this exciting and explorative eBook.

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