Introduction to Green Smoothies


Victoria Boutenko outlines why it is important to eat greens, and why blended green smoothies are the best way to consume these nutritious plants. Victoria compares the diets of modern humans to the diets of wild chimpanzees who share 99.6% of the same sequence of genes with us. Yet unlike humans, chimps are incredibly healthy and show a strong resistance to the diseases that affect so many people today. Victoria wanted to find out what was missing from the human diet, and she found that the most glaring difference was that chimps eat significantly more greens than we do. Find out more about the benefits of green smoothies in this intriguing eBook.



In this 6-page eBook, Victoria shares how the first green smoothie was made and provides 5 outstanding green smoothie recipes for beginners. Introduction to Green Smoothies is a must for anyone starting out on their green smoothie journey.


    • 5 recipes
    • Diet comparison charts
    • The first green smoothie

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