It is estimated that approximately 80% of children don’t like vegetables. Since children physically require the nutrients in the very foods they refuse to eat, their dislike of healthy foods may pose a serious threat to their health. Most parents battle frustration and hopelessness as they attempt to help their young ones eat healthier on a daily basis. After over a decade of study, Valya has pinpointed the exact origin of this universal problem. Her solution has proven itself effective time and again. Learn more in this uplifting and illustrative eBook.



This 11-page eBook is loaded with information and useful tips on helping children build healthy habits. As parents, grandparents, and friends, we can be a great influence on children, inspiring them to make good choices. Read this eBook to find out how to encourage children to eat healthy without creating resistance.FEATURES:

    • Why children resist eating healthy
    • The power of being a good example
    • How making healthy foods available will build good eating habits
    • How drinking green smoothies can make a child grow to love veggies
    • Why teaching children real facts about food is more effective than using praise or punishment

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