In this eBook, Valya Boutenko showcases her best frozen desserts. Some of the recipes featured in this epic compilation have never been published anywhere else. If you have a sweet tooth, but are concerned about the unhealthy effects of consuming traditional treats, then you will love the recipes in this eBook. Colorful and delicious, these desserts will leave you satisfied without weighing you down or producing a sugar rush. If you have children who love popsicles and ice cream, these easy recipes can seamlessly transition your kids to a much healthier version of frozen desserts.



This 15-page eBook is packed with foolproof easy recipes that will leave your family members showering you with complements. Don’t be surprised if you end up sincerely preferring these healthy frozen desserts to any of the traditional frozen treats available in grocery stores.


    • 11 recipes
    • Color photographs
    • Introduction
    • Guidelines

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