To be Beautiful


There is a yearning for beauty in each of us. Our eyes seek it wherever we go. We find ourselves attracted to beautiful things: cars, houses, clothes, furniture, dishes, etc. Yet surrounding ourselves with attractive objects is not enough, for what we truly want in our hearts is to be beautiful ourselves. The problem is, we believe beauty is a multitude of inherited attributes that most of us simply do not have. With this mindset, beauty is an unattainable feat. Moreover, we fear that allowing ourselves to feel beautiful will turn us into self-centered egomaniacs. In this eBook, Valya Boutenko explores whether this is really the truth, and what, if unleashed, feeling beautiful would really do to us.



This 8-page eBook is an exploration of beauty at its deepest level. Valya digs deep to uncover the origins of our beliefs about beauty and poses some intriguing questions that rock the foundation of societies stern relationship with this fascinating subject. Read this book for an uplifting serge of inspiration, and a humanizing dash of introspection.


    • What drives our search for beauty?
    • Will feeling beautiful turn us into egomaniacs?
    • Do we need to be perfect to be beautiful?
    • How does feeling beautiful affect us not in theory, but in reality?

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